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Botox - 4-vials 4 Vials 1,700.00
Botox - 3-vials 3 Vials 1,350.00
Botox - 2-vials 2 Vials 950.00
Botox - 1-vial 1 Vial 500.00



Botox 100iu is quite famous for its secret benefits. These secret benefits can be beneficial in improving and enhancing the appearance of an individual. The enhancing and sharpening of appearance includes the removal of deep facial wrinkles that are present on the skin. This is also widely used in medical treatments also as it provides relief from the muscle spasms. One can buy botox 100iu, which is 100% authentic and original product from Bio-Baxy. This botox is a neurotoxin type of protein which is manufactured by the bacterium C.

The availability of this product is also a challenging issue. And to meet the demand of this product, which is mostly accelerated to the peaks, as a result, the product gets vanished from the markets pretty soon. So, for the sake of the precious customers, this product is now available online by the Bio-Baxy company, who is the wholesale botox supplier, in the online market. This company is fulfilling the need of customers of botox that too at a very reasonable price. And it is all just few clicks away from the customer.

If the customer buy botox 100iu from this company Bio-Baxy, the customer is benefitted with numerous advantages; the main one being the originality of the product. Since this company is directly linked with the pharmaceuticals, they assures cent percent original product. The second one being the, delivery. The Bio-Baxy company ensures that the customer is entertained with the on time delivery system. The complete care of package is also noticed in order to avoid any hampering situation to the product. Lastly, the customer support; this company also ensures that the customer is not facing any problem with the product, and hence, our customer support technicians are always happy to solve all your problems.

The botox usually has very wide applications; main ones are in the cosmetics via the medical world. And since, it is very potent; hence, a very small amount is introduced in the body. The function of botox in the body is similar to that of the muscle relaxant. The most common use is, its injection in the body on and near the wrinkled skin. This chemical helps to eliminate and diminish the wrinkles making skin more tight and bright.

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